Don’t Give Up In Life

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Don't give up

Published on March 08, 2012 with 2 Comments

Life throws many challenges our way and there are usually two reactions to it. Some people give up, lose hope, and spend the rest of their lives complaining. Others see is at a challenge, look for ways to overcome it and move on to greater heights.

When we look around us, we see people we think are less fortunate than us and others more fortunate than we are. Our perception of our world can be simplified by the usual saying “a glass of water is half empty or half full”. How do you see yours?

I must admit I used to complain about the things that hasn’t gone well for me, forgetting all the good things  I’ve been able to achieve until I saw a video of Nick Vujicic and I thought whoa!, I am blessed.
Nick was born without arms and legs, yet he has achieved so much in life, not many of us with the full use of our limbs can boast of that. See the video below of how Nick goes about his daily routine when he wakes up in the morning and you’ll realised that you have a lot going for you.

Despite all these challenges that Nick faces, he has been able to inspire millions of people around the world through his charity work and is married to a very beautiful woman.

Nick Vujicic and wife

Some of us have clothes to wear, food to eat every day (and even have leftovers), a warm room to sleep in, yet we complain about our sandwich being a little bland, our TV channels being a little boring.  We simply forget that there are people out there who sleep on the streets and struggle to find basic food and water. One simple rule of life is to make the best of what you’ve got, at the same time aspiring for greater things. Our dear friends is Africa have certainly set that example with the pool table made of mud. This is what I call creativity!

pool table made out of mud
Before you give up on life, take a good look at yourself and remember that there are so many people who wish they were like you. Take hold of the little resource you have around you and make a difference in your life. Big things start small.

God is in control of our lives. Let’s continue to pray and ask for his guidance. Once there is life, there is hope!

Stay blessed.


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  1. Liking the site. Very clean, eye catching and straight forward. A very inspiration fella. He’s make due with what he has and used everyday things to aid him in his daily routines.

    I think we can learn a thing or two from Nick

    Who are we to complain about our short comings whiles people like Nick have made the best out of life in an inspirational way.

    • Thanks mate. Putting my new found skills to test. Nick has proved to us that the sky is definitely our limit.